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Purpose of Water Partner Square

Water Partner Square is aimed at seeking for co-prosperity among the public and private sectors (large, mid, and small-sized corporates) by providing a customized assistance in advancing into foreign markets by region and nation and identifying new and cooperative businesses opportunities. To that end, Water Partner Square will arrange one-on-one business meetings for foreign governmental organizations, domestic and international organizations, and companies participating in KIWW 2018.


Registration Date August 27(Mon) - September 10(Mon), 2018
Date & Time September 12(Wed), 13:00 ~ 18:00
September 13(Thu), 10:00 ~ 18:00
September 14(Fri), 10:00 ~ 16:00
Venue September 12(Wed) : Daegu EXCO Grandballroom B (3F)
September 13(Thu) – 14(Fri) : Daegu EXCO Exhibition 3, D-117 (1F)
Participants Water-related governments, local authorities, public and Private sectors, MDBS, Exhibitors, etc.
Organizing process ① Registering at the official website of KIWW 2018 or applying for EXPO participation
② Logging in my-page (participants in EXPO must subscribe for the website)
③ Filling in the information on ‘participation application’ for Water Partner Square and applying
④ Receipt and approval the application by the secretariat (taking about 1-2 days in maximum)
⑤ Confirming the list of approved participating organization after logging in
    1) Requesting an one-on-one business meeting with other participating entities
    2) Confirming your received requests for meetings, then accepting or rejecting
⑥ When mutual approval (requesting and accepting) is made, then, the meeting will be arranged

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