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[Chapter 1 General Provisions] Article 1 (Purpose) This agreement is nice (the "KIWW" referred to) is providing Internet-related services ("Services" hereinafter) and utilizing a user and the rights and obligations of the company regulations and procedures, and to that purpose. Article 2 (in terms of effect and change) ① Ali through the Service or these Terms, including by way of e-mail notifications to members are as effective. ② If the situation changes and the company's sales when the phase relationship between the major reasons under the laws and regulations can be revised Terms. ① in the way of the Terms is effective as being known to members. Article 3 (other than the rules) ① Matters not mentioned in this agreement Telecommunications Act, Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act and other related laws or customs of follow-phase geore. ② This agreement is about the individual services provided by the company with User Guide apply. [Chapter 2 service contracts] Article 4 (Establishment of Contract) ① "Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions?" Application for the question of when a member of the "I Agree" button to agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. ② 'You do not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the "Services" can be used to stop and leave. Article 2 of the agreement by the effect of this change occurred after continuous' service, when you use the 'Register' you accept the changes to these Terms and Conditions be deemed. ③ Terms of Use Agreement and accept the service, the applicant regarding the application made ​​by the company is established by consent. ④ The company in accordance with Article 7 appointed by Jin against applicants agree to apply for the service. However, the applicant pursuant to Article 10 of this agreement prior to the loss of membership has never explicitly denied if the company is to be recognized, even if the company does not agree. However, Article 10 of the membership no later than seven days after the loss of the company shall obtain the approval of the members rejoining member, you can sign up again. Article 5 (Withdrawal and Disqualification of Members) ① Members of the Company's registration is canceled in any of their members will give you (cancellation) of the company, you can ask the member upon receipt of the request for cancellation of registration of members stepped up procedure. ② Members corresponding to each of the following reasons, the company is a member of the proper way to limit membership and stop, you can lose. A. Sign up if you have registered false information at the time of applicationB. the company of others or interfere with use of the information in order to steal a threat to electronic transactions, such as the case. C. If the violation of laws and these Terms and Conditions.D. peace and order of society, for the purpose of obstructing If you registerE. act pursuant to these acts or referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 20 of the Act the Company is no longer difficult to maintain membership if deemed ③ by Section 2 of the company is a member loses membership if the member decides ex officio cancellation of the registration. Article 6 (by application) ① In order to use this service required by the prescribed application form to apply for all members to record information. ② application form write to all members of all the information that is considered to be the actual data. Blindness or users who do not enter the actual information can not be protected by law and the limitations of available services. Article 7 (Application for approval) ① The company has made ​​5.6, contrary to the provisions of the Article, except if you consent to apply for assistance. ② The Company shall then, if applicable, the reasons for approval until reservation is canceled, you can. A. If there is no room service-related equipment B. If you have technical difficultyC. over a period of time and then unsubscribe if you do notD. If deemed necessary by other companies ③ the company when the following is true: you can not consent to join. A. using false information when applying for need based, if the applicationB. the well-being of society by obstructing public order or if you apply for the purpose ofC. Other requirements, set by the company if it does not fit inD. Selection and ID to apply for obscene contentE. The anti-social identity in violation of the relevant laws and apply forF. Bear, slang decided to apply for the IDG. Children under the age of 14, such as a parent if the consent of the legal representative ④ 'member' of the other members of the public that the information can be viewed in part, their information is a public / private, you can choose. Article 8 (Member Information Change) Members are listed by members apply for a case when the information changes, you must modify the line does not change the responsibility of the members of the problem can occur. [Chapter 3 obligations of the contracting parties] Article 9 (Obligations of the Company) ① Acquired in connection with the company providing the service member's personal information to others without your prior consent divulge, disclose, or can not be distributed, non-service-related business can not be used for commercial purposes. However, with the exception of the following, if applicable. A. Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Telecommunications Act, the Local Tax Law, Consumer Protection Law, Korea Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, including any special regulations of lawB. Telecommunications Act, the Local Tax Law, Consumer Protection Law, Korea Act, the Criminal Procedure Act, including any special regulationsC. Statistics / academic research or market research as necessary, if you can not identify a specific individual, if provided in the form ofD. participate in events and other events in order to provide better service to business partners and affiliates organized and sponsored by some of its members to share information and, ifE. known business partners and affiliates provide a case for the provision of goods or services However, DE protest if the company is a member of the business partners and affiliates that you do not divulge information to others needs. Nevertheless, business partners and affiliates to disclose your information to others, the company intention, gross negligence, unless the surface is responsible for the leak. ② ① within the term, the company will work with respect to the member's personal information in whole or in part on the statistical data which can be used to create, through a member of the service, you can transfer a cookie on your computer. In this case, members receive a cookie or to reject cookies, receive a warning against the use of the computer, you can change your browser settings. ③ The Company is a member of the service member and the company's other events or information about services E-mail or letter mail, SMS and other methods such as wired and wireless communication means can be provided to members. In addition, registered members of a company and the company provided by business partners and affiliates offer or display if you said, try to receive information, news, services and products on the e-mail or letter mail, SMS will send you a means of wired and wireless communications, such as . If this type of mail, or if you do not wish to receive information in the mail, or modify the personal information you do not want to receive information about their contents can be modified. ④ The Company has filed the complaints from members if the party deemed to be treated immediately principle. However, members who have dealt with immediately if it is difficult to notice that the reasons and schedules. Article 10 (Obligations) ① 'member' of the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of these terms and conditions, such as use of information and notices the Company to comply with the notice or notices must be other 'companies' violations to the business, you can not. ② 'Membership' in the 'Company' services without prior approval of the act can not make any profit. ③ 'members, using information obtained from the service' company without prior approval of copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast and use other methods or can not provide them to others. ④ 'members' use of images, including pictures of the subject is a Model, trademark, patent and other rights must obtain their rights if these members in the event of a dispute must bear all the responsibility. ⑤ members of the service should not act upon the following clauses. A. Member ID and other personal information is collected, stored and used by fraudulent actsB. Service information from members of the company without prior approval reproduced or used for any purpose other than to change them, or others, such as publishing and broadcasting the act of providingC. the company's copyrights, and other rights of others to infringe copyrightD. in violation of public order and morals information, sentences, figures such as spreading false to othersE. objectively determined that the criminal act coupled withF. defamatory or insulting others actionsG. the act of hacking or computer virusesH. Transfer the supernatant to advertising or other promotional information for business conductI. Services or interfere with the reliable operation of any act which might give J. Violation of other laws ⑥ members of the relevant laws and regulations, regulatory matters in this Agreement, service shall comply with the instructions and precautions. ⑦ member information service announcements by the company to be announced separately by post or to comply with the restrictions. ⑧ members of the company using the service without prior approval of any action which can not be clever. [Chapter 4 and use of services] Article 11 (Service Category) ① This agreement provided by the company and by default applies to all services, and other services required by the provisions of Section has a separate agreement with the two parts can be. A. from the company's business partners and affiliates provide a service categoryB. Community Service categoryC. existence, the e-commerce category of intangibleD. Other value-added services company established by category Article 12 (User ID (ID) and password management obligations for members) ① ID (ID) and password for all the rights of its members to be responsible. Granted to members ID (ID) and password neglect, caused by the illegal use of members that all the results are entirely responsible. ② their identity (ID) is used fraudulently, or with respect to any other breach of security, such that if the members are not necessarily the fact that the company must be informed. Article 13 (providing information) Company and its members recognize the need to service a variety of information about e-mail or mail a letter to members in such a way you can provide, if you do not want to join members of the My Information menu in the application menu and you can unsubscribe information can. Article 14 (advertisers and trade) This site other than the company's promotional activities for the advertiser is included in the service. The company listed on this site or through this service, members participate in promotions of advertisers as a result of the transaction, all the loss and damage caused is not responsible. Article 15 (Members of the posts) Through this service, the company is a member posted, published, transmitted by e-mail or otherwise, for the contents of any civil or criminal liability and damages, if any of the following cases can be deleted without prior notice. ① slander others or others, or violates the privacy or slander if the contents of damaging the honor ② service or interfere with the reliable operation of the line if there is a concern ③ recognized that criminal conduct related to the content, the ④ The Company's intellectual property rights, including intellectual property rights of others, if the contents violate the rights of other ⑤ company specified by the publication period is exceeded, the ⑥ Others, if judged in violation of applicable laws Article 16 (rights and responsibilities for the post) ① the copyright of all posts on this site belong to the company. ② posted by members of a work owns the copyright belongs to the members. However, members free access to the company the right to be allowed to see. ③ for the post of company-owned and protected by the company, the company posts by others without the permission of the use or cited from another site is prohibited. Article 17 (Service Hours) ① service business or technical failure of the company, unless there is a special reason other year-round, 24 hours a day available. However, the company is required, such as inspection of facilities or equipment failure, including the congestion of service due to force majeure, if you interfere with service, except that with respect to all or part of service can be limited. ② some of the services provided by the company for the service time can be determined separately, in this case, by the time that notice or notice to the members in advance. Article 18 (service charge) Services to members of the business activities of illegal goods can not be sold in particular hacking, money fast advertisements, pornographic sites through commercial activity, commercial S / W, and can not be distributed illegally. In violation of civil or criminal liability incurred by the Company has no responsibility to. Article 19 (Service and Limitation) ① The Company shall display, affairs, natural disaster or national emergency occurs, or the equivalent if there is a possibility of the Telecommunications Business Act and by common carrier telecommunications services to stop the force majeure and other services, if there is reason limit or suspend in whole or in part, can be ② The Company service under paragraph (1) to limit or stop the use of reason and the limitation period, they shall notify the members and. [Chapter 5 Other] Article 20 (Termination and restrictions) ① member when the member you want to use to terminate my contract, the company must apply for a revocation. ② The Company is a member of the following is true: In case the act to terminate the contract without notice or by specified period, you can stop the service. A. to steal someone else's service ID and password whenB. If you deliberately interfere with service operationsC. Inhibition of public order and morals, if the information was deliberately spread D. members or social public interests for the purpose of inhibiting the plan or if you are running the serviceE. Damage the reputation of another person or if the act of giving disadvantaged F. hinder the stable operation of the service for the purpose of transferring large amounts of information or advertisement information when transmittingG. telecommunications equipment malfunction or destruction of information, and causing the case spreading computer virus programH. Company, other members or if the intellectual property rights of othersI. Outside agencies such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or illegal campaign's visibility requirements related to the interpretation of the Election Commission received aJ. Other people's personal information, Member ID and password if you are using fraudulentK. Using the information obtained from the Company's service information, reproduction, or distribution without prior consent of the company or if using a commerciallyL. This website and its board members, showing pornography or links to pornographic sites, ifM. This Agreement, including the terms and conditions set by other companies and, if a violation of applicable laws Article 21 (compensation for damages) Companies are using the services of members and against any damages, unless gross negligence is not liable for compensation. Article 22 (collateral) ① The company provides a variety of information, the company's business partners and affiliates or the information provided from the information provided by certain professionals (such as in the form of questions and answers will be made ​​including) the scientific procedures have not been validated with experimental procedures may be be. With respect to the above information, the company's reliability and accuracy of its content is not secured. ② The Company is a member of the publication of the information services, data, facts of reliability, accuracy, and does not guarantee against. ③ The Company has not made ​​a mortgage in respect prescribed by Article 24 liability can be limited or waived. Article 23 (Transfer prohibited) Pass by members of the service, or other use of contractual status to others can not be transferred or pledged as collateral. Article 24 (Disclaimer) ① The company is due to acts of God or force majeure if the service can not be exempt from liability on service providers. ② Due to the fault of the member companies have failed if the service will be exempt from liability. ③ The Company provides its members from the company's service or have not achieved the expected benefits, services or materials for an eclectic, and be responsible for damage caused as a result of use of the free. ④ The Company is a company that Article 22 does not guarantee against loss arising from this matter will be exempt from liability. Article 25 (Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction) ① 'company and' members incurred in connection with the service needed to resolve the dispute amicably all efforts must ② Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, the dispute will be filed if the case is due to the Company by a court with jurisdiction over the seat of the court of competent jurisdiction. ③ 'Company' electronic transactions and lawsuits filed between users have to apply the laws of Korea. [Chapter 6 Subclause] Article 26 (Community, and other site-specific regulations) Member Terms and Conditions pursuant to Chapter 4 of 11, the community is related to the detailed service categories and terms are defined as follows. ① 'company' member acquired membership of the 'Company of the community "will be automatically registered as a member. ② 'company "in the community in order to receive the services of some communities' members' are separate, you may need to fill in the details. ③ Members of the community service obligations of the Company related to the Member Terms and Conditions subject to laws, regulations and practices. ④ single member of the company without notice for seamless service data separate posts, bulletin boards and moving can take technical measures. ⑤ This Agreement applies to the Company's common, if necessary, Nice (KIWW) put forward by the guidance to be used separately. This agreement is effective from 25 June 2014 to.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy 1. Collected Personal Information The following personal information is collected when users register KIWW. - Users’ ID, password, name, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number used to verify subscription’ are mandatory information collected when the user register KIWW. If the date of birth provided by the user shows that the user is a minor under the age of 14, information on the user’s legal representative is also collected. The user can decide whether to allow KIWW to collect their email address. - If the register is made with an organization’s ID, the organization ID, organization nickname, company (or organization)’s official name, name of the representative, business location, main telephone number, admin ID, admin mobile phone number, admin department/position is mandatory information that is collected. The user can decide whether to allow KIWW to collect their facsimile number. The following personal information is collected while users use the service. Additional personal information may be collected from users of specific KIWW services while the user uses the service, participates in an event. If additional personal information is collected, the user is provided with guidelines on the ‘collected personal information, the purpose of collecting and using personal information, and the personal information storage period’ and is asked whether the user agrees to the collection and use of the information. The IP address, cookies, visit dates·fraudulent usage records and other service usage records, in addition to device information, can be generated and collected during service use. In other words, 1) the information communications service provider may automatically generate information about the user while the user uses the service and save the information, or 2) the information is collected after the information unique to the user’s device is safely converted so that the original value is unidentifiable. 2. Use of the Collected Personal Information KIWW uses personal information only for purposes described below, which includes managing subscribers, developing, providing and improving services, and creating a safe internet user environment. - Personal information is used to confirm user’s intent to register KIWW, verify the user’s age and consent from the user’s legal representative verify the identity of the user and legal representative, identify the user, confirm the user’s intent to register KIWW, and for other register management purposes. - Personal information is used to provide existing services, including contents and advertisement, and also used to analyze demographic data, service visitations and use records, create relationships between users based on users’ personal information and areas of interest, provide customized services based on information on friends and areas of interest, and discover other elements that can be used to develop new services and/or improve existing services. - Personal information is used to restrict users who have violated laws, and regulations prevent and restrict actions that interfere with seamless service operation, including any delinquent actions, prevent account fraud and illegal transactions, deliver notices on agreement updates, store records on dispute mediation, handle civil petitions and for other user protection and service operation purposes. - Personal information is used to verify the user’s identity when providing premium services, make purchases and payments and to deliver product and services. - Personal information is used to provide information on events and provide opportunities to participate, to provide advertisement and for other marketing and promotion purposes. - Personal information is used to analyze service use records and access frequencies, calculate statistics on service use, analyze services and provide customized services based on statistics, and place advertisements. - Personal information is used to relieve users in circumstances that involve security, privacy and safety and to build a usable service environment. 3. Destruction of Personal Information As a rule, the Korea Water Forum(KWF) destroys personal information immediately after the user unregisters the service. However, personal information can be stored safely for a designated amount of time, even after the user registers, if KIWW has obtained separate consent from the user to store the personal information for a certain amount of time, or if KWF is obligated by law to store the information for a specific time period. KIWW will obtain separate consent from the user to store their personal information for a specific time period in the following situations. To prevent fraudulent registers and misuse, records of misuse, including records on fraudulent registers and disciplinary actions, are collected, stored, and destroyed after six (6) months. To prevent illegal transactions, protect law-abiding users and guarantee an environment that ensures safe transactions, records of fraudulent transactions with KIWW, which includes payment thefts, illegal money accommodation through credit cards and other actions that violate related laws and regulations, will be collected, stored, and destroyed after three (3) years.