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Exhibition Rules and Regulations

01. Terms of Reference
A. In the rules and regulations for participation in Korea International Water Week 2019, the term "Exhibitor" shall mean any company, firm or person who has applied for or been allocated any space at the exhibition.
B. The term "Host" shall mean “Ministry of environment”, “Daegu Metropolitan City”,
C. The term “Organizer” shall mean “Korea Water Forum”, “EXCO”
D. The term 'Exhibition' shall mean “Korea International Water Week 2019”

02. Application for Participation and Terms of Payment
A. All applicationshave to submit the application form to the organizer for the participation.
B. The contract shall be established when the exhibitor submits the application form duly signed and pays the organizer the registration deposit(50% of the entire participation fee). The organizer, however, may defer or refuse the acceptance of an application in the event that sufficient space is not available or the announced exhibit is considered by organizer to be germane to the exhibition.
C. All exhibitors have to inform organizers of any change in application and exhibitors are responsible for all the disadvantages caused by late notification.

03. Allocation of Exhibit Space
A. The organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the order of application, the size of the space applied for, the nature of the exhibits or in the manner the organizer deems fit.
B. Organizer shall reserve the right to change the space location and the size allocated to the exhibitor at any time prior to the installation of the booth, if the circumstances require changes and the exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation for the result of the changes.

04. Use of Exhibit Space
A. All exhibitors are bound to exhibit the announced products and have staff the booth during the whole period of the exhibition.
B. All exhibits must accord with the description on the application form, and be related to the theme of the exhibition. Public auctions and retail sales without permission from the organizer are strictly prohibited. If the exhibitor violates the above-mentioned rules, the organizer can stop the exhibitor’s activity or cancel the exhibit booth.In this case, the participation fee will not be refunded and the exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation.
C. The organizer reserves the right to refuse any persons admission to the exhibition venue, if necessary.
D. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or assign any allocated space in whole or part, unless prior written consent is obtained from the organizer.
E. Modifications including decorations such as painting the floor, ceiling and pillars will not be permitted, and the exhibitor shall compensatethe organizer for the consequent damage to the exhibition hall.
F. All exhibits must be operatedso that the resulting noise will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors and visitors.
G. Exhibitors can be prohibited from displaying exhibits or conducting activities for safety reasons or if a complaint of infringement of intellectual Property Righe is filed.

05. Payment Terms of Participation Fee
A. The contract shall be established when the exhibitor submits the dully-accomplished and signs application form. Within 5days receiving invoice, deposit(50% of participation fee) should be paid. The remaining balance must be paid by August 16, 2019.
B. If the exhibitor fails to pay the balance within the designated due date, the organizer may terminate the agreement of participation, and in this case the exhibitor shall not claim the refund of the participation fee that has already been paid.
C. If the exhibitor fails to pay the participation fee, technical support fee and other expenses, the organizer may selectively retain the exhibit goods of the exhibitor until full payment of such fees and expenses.

06. Cancellation or Changes of Participation by the Exhibitor
A. If the exhibitor cancels the use of all or a part of the surface area of the exhibition agreed upon, the exhibitor shall immediately notify the organizer of such cancellation in writing.
B. Request for a potential refund must be received by August 9, 2019 and all sums paid by exhibitor will be refunded without the deposit. No refunds will be considered after August 9, 2019.
C. No interest on the refund can be claimed..

07. Change or Cancellation of show
In the event of the cancellation of the exhibition by the organizer, the participation fee paid will be refunded. But if the cancellation is caused by force majeure, the fee paid will not be refunded. The organizer reserves the right to change the venue and the duration of the exhibition, if the circumstances require changes. In this case, the fee paid will not be refunded and the exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation.

08. Installation and Decoration of Stand and Display
All exhibitors must complete their construction and/or decoration, and move-in and display of exhibits by the date and time stipulated by the organizer.

09. Removal of Exhibits and Stand Fittings
Exhibitors shall remove all exhibits and stand fittings from the exhibition hall within the period stipulated by the organizer and indemnify the organizer against any costs incurred by reason of delay or damage to the exhibition hall.

10. Security, Risk and Insurance
A. The organizer shall reserve the right to limit any constructions or demonstrations that pose potential safety hazards.
B. The exhibitors are responsible for any loss or theft and damage to exhibits and stand fittings belonging to the exhibitor during the set-up period, exposition days or dismantle period.
C. In the event that the exhibitor intentionally or negligently causes a fire, theft, breakage or other accidents inflicting damages to the organizer others, the exhibitor shall be responsible for the damages.
D. All exhibitors shall maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

11. Fire Regulations
A. Materials used in stand and display construction must be properly fire-proofed in accordance with the regulations of Korea. 
B. The organizer has the right to make any changes In the exhibitor's stand for fire control.

12. Supplementary Clauses
A. The organizer hasthe right to enforce all regulations of Show and to make amendments and/or further regulations that are considered necessary for proper conduct of the exhibition and such decisions and regulations shall be binding on all exhibitors.
B. The exhibitor shall also observe the regulations for the management of the exhibition halls of EXCO.

13. Arbitration of Disputes
Any dispute, difference, or question which may arise at any time hereafter between the organizer and the exhibitor touching on the true construction of these terms and regulations for participation or the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul, Korea. The award of the above arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.