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KJWP provides the opportunity for youth to develop their creative thinking and explore capabilities by conducting research on water problems and proposing innovative solutions

Short Description

Date September 4(Wed), 13:00~18:00
Venue Daegu EXCO ROOM 320A and 320B
Hosts / Sponsors Ministry of Environment, Korea Water Forum, Ministry of Education, Embassy of Sweden in Rep. of Korea, K-water, Woongjin·Coway
Application Highschool students with Korean nationality, from age 15 to 18
  * 1 to 2 students and 1 advisory teacher may form a team
Project thesis Proposal of creative solutions to water related problems
Objective 1. Screening on the solutions proposed by youth
  * Project paper written in Korea, Poster written in English
2. Incubating Program, mentoring by specialists for finalists
3. Award given to outstanding projects (including Prime Minister's Award)
  * Prime Minister's Award winning team will be given the privilege to participate in the international competition (Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2020) as Korean representatives

Important Dates

Category Date
Call for participants Until 27th of June
Announcement of finalists July 15
Incubating Program July 27
Final competition and award ceremony* September 4

* Final competition and award ceremony will be held within the Korea International Water Week 2019

Award Plan

Subjects Awards Details of Award
The Best Prime Minister of Republic of Korea's Award Certificate of award &
participation in SJWP2020,
Plaque to the advisory teacher
Outstanding Minister of Environment of Republic of Korea's Award Certificate of award & 3,000,000KRW
President of Korea Water Forum's Award
Minister of Education of Republic of Korea's Award Certificate of award & 1,500,000KRW
Swedish Ambassador of Republic of Korea's Award
CEO of K-water's Award

KIWW 2019 Previous Outcome

Call for Participants
A total of 60 teams (120 people) participated in with a study plan that presented creative solutions to water-related free issues for high school students nationwide, and 18 teams were selected for the finals through preliminary screening.

Incubating Program
The participants were provided opportunities to further develop their research mentored by experts in research content, discuss with the other participants, even were given special lectures and field trips to the teams advancing to the finals.

Finals and Award Ceremony
The results of the research paper (Korean) and poster interviews(English) were reviewed. As a result, the best team (Prime Minister of Republic of Korea`s Award) and five outstanding teams (Minister of Environment of Republic of Korea`s Award, Minister of Education of Republic of Korea, etc.) were awarded, through screening on the research paper. Also a special prize was bestowed to the team with the most votes on ‘The most creative and realistic project’, voted by the KIWW 2019 participants.