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Cultural Tour

Participants KIWW 2018 Tour Registrant
Headcount 45 people
Time 18:00~22:00
Application On-location at the Information desk
Cost Free

Seomun Market
Seomun Market, which moved to its current location in 1920, has a long history. Its name derives from the fact that the market was at the West end of Daegu's castle. It originally specialized in textile products, and has expanded to include almost any product imaginable – from textiles to small livestock. The atmosphere is bustling and the people are friendly, making it an exciting place to spend an afternoon. The market has thermostats and parking lots to make you visit more enjoyable. Sale Items: Silk goods, Linen goods, Knitwork, Artwork, undershirts, Fish, Bowls, Apparel, Dry fish
Apsan Observatory
Situated in Nam-gu, Daegu, Apsan Observatory is a viewing point overlooking the whole of downtown Daegu at a glance. The structure is thought to be a success, as it blends history with the future, and nature with the city. Many tourists as well as Daegu residents come to the observatory. It is also an educational place to teach the meaning of Daegu to citizens. There are two ways to ascend to the observatory; one is by cable car from Keungol (15 minutes) and the other one is by walking
Suseongmot Lake
This park was designated sa an official Daegu Park in the 1940’s, and was subsequently expanded to make it into a complete tourism and rest attraction for citizens and visitors alike. The natural landscape of the park is quite breathtaking, with mountains surrounding the picturesque Suseong Lake, on which visitors can enjoy paddle boats. To the west of Suseong Lake, there is Suseong Land, which boasts many attractions and amusement park rides.
Time Schedule
18:00~18:05 (05‘) EXCO
18:05~18:35 (30') EXCO→Seomun Maket
18:35~19:20 (45') Seomun Maket
19:20~19:50 (30') Seomun Maket→Apsan Observatory
19:50~20:35 (45') Apsan Observatory
20:35~20:50 (15') Apsan Observatory→Suseongmot Lake
20:50~21:30 (40') Suseongmot Lake
※ 21:00 Watch the fountain show
21:30~22:00 (30') EXCO
-Running shuttlle bus to each hotel from EXCO (22:00~22:40)