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Key contents to be confirmed

Water Partner Square is a business matching program run on an autonomous system in which participants could freely apply for business consultations and both B2G and B2B formats are possible.
Basic information of all participating organizations in Water Partner Square will be disclosed on the website by the consent of the participants. Also, any organization rejecting to open the information will not be able to participate in the program.
In order for an efficient operation of the program, each organization has to designate a person in charge of business meetings.
After receiving a request for a meeting, the decision on whether to accept or reject needs to be made as soon as possible.
During the program, when the meeting schedule of an organization is fully booked, a further meeting request may not be accepted. Also, meetings will be arranged at the order of acceptance made by the organization receiving requests.
The priority for allocating time and place of meetings will be given according to the order of getting mutual agreement.
Even though a meeting is arranged based on a mutual agreement, the schedule of the meeting is subject to change because of participants’ circumstances. Therefore, participants need to check out the status of meetings or to confirm a final schedule after the due date of application or on site.
An official language is English and Korean-English interpreter of the secretariat will be assigned for all meetings.

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