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2019 Youth "Water" Talk Concert aims to nurture youth eco-leaders by promoting the effective use of sustainable water policies of Daegu Metropolitan City during KIWW through programs that can be shared with the youth. It will enable young people to recognize the environmental problems through the issue of water for future generations.


It is intended for elementary, middle, and high school students (300 students) in Daegu to provide opportunities for understanding and awareness of sustainable water use for local youth.

Short Description

Host Daegu Metropolitan City
Organizer Daegu Green Environment Center
Participants 300 elementary, middle, and high school students
  • 1. Lecture on sustainable water use
  • 2. Voting and presentation of social fiction ideas on water reuse by school
  • 3. Water related quiz contest
  • 4. Talk concert with panel for sustainable water use and water reuse




Time Contents
14:00-15:00 (60’) Talk Concert Idea Voting
(Theme: Unfold the Imagination! Water Reuse!)
Social Fiction Ideas on Water Reuse by School
15:00-15:10 (10’) Opening Moderator opening, greeting, speech
15:10-15:20 (10’) Watching promotion video Water-saving habits, national water industry clusters
15:20-15:40 (20’) Presentation 1 Sustainable water use
15:40-15:55 (15’) Yell! Water quiz! Presenting souvenirs
15:55-16:00 (5’) Break
16:00-17:00 (60’) Water Talk Concert Panel talk, youth social fiction idea announcement, popular idea award
17:00 Closing ceremony

2018 Previous Outcome

The program included two presentations of “Use of rainwater” (Professor Han Moo-young of Seoul National University) and "Reuse of sewage" (Professor Choo Kwang-ho of Kyungpook University), Nanta's performance and water talk concert, in which young people participate. By taking time to talk directly to water panels and question and respond to related issues, future generations could recognize sustainable development of environment.
In addition, the youth "water" talk concert was developed into an event centered on young people, not just water quiz events and ideas involving teenagers, but also by offering solutions to water problems in the form of social fiction* and having time to present them in front of the audience.

* Social fiction: A program to imagine what it takes to reach that prediction now by predicting a far future society like science fiction. (Expressing imagination of youth)