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The Water Business Forum (WBF) is particularly designed for the networking platform for all multi stakeholders in gloal water sectors. To activate global business of local enterprises, the forum provides cutting-edge information such as knowledge, experience, technology of agencies/organizations and businesses. It also provides networking opportunities among key decision makers. Among all of these, it contributes to enforcing cooporative relations with nations/regions/international organizations by discovering potentially cooperative issues.


Water-related Governments, Local authorities, Public and Private sectors, Academia, International Organizations, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), etc.

Short Description

Date & time September 5(Thu)~6(Fri), TBD
Venue Daegu EXCO (TBD)
Host Ministry of Environment
Organizer Korea Water Forum
Participants About 150 participants from water-related governments, local authorities, public and Private sectors, academia, MDBs, etc.
  • 1. Offer networking opportunities among regional/national prospective partners in the global water sector
  • 2. Share up-to-date information of industy trends, projects by countries in order for local enterprises to expand their business abroad
  • 3. Provide new business opportunities, to support partnership between large companies and SMEs, as well as public and private sectors

KIWW2018 Previous Outcome

The 9th Water Business Forum was held under the theme of ‘Optimazing global business opportunity through Technology, Innovation, Finance’. For the forum, governments/corporates from 12 nations and international organizations(MDBs, Global Funds) gathered and discussed how to share water-related information and future cooperation.