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Overview of EXPO

Dates May 11-13, 2020 / 10:00~17:00 (Last day ~16:00)
Location EXCO, Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea
Hosted by Ministry of Environment, Daegu Metropolitan City, K-water, Korea Water Resources Association
Organized by Korea Water Forum, EXCO
Exhibition Scale 70 Companies, 200 Booths

Category of participation in the Exhibition

Water production / Providing services Operation and maintenance of water and sewerage facilities
Sewage / Waste water collection, treatment and discharge service Collection, transport, purification, cleaning and treatment of feces, urine and sludge
Manufacture of water-related equipment and drugs Filtration system/device, instrument, system, pipe, pump, valve, sludge treatment unit and water supply equipment
Construction of water and sewerage facilities and engineering service Building, construction, design, consulting and diagnosis
Science / Technology Water saving green technology, water environment technology, water convergence technology and water environment high value creation technology
Industry promote / Policy support Water environmental governance, development of water environment strategies, water disasters, and survey / assessment / monitoring of water environment.
etc. Education, training, information services, R&D investment, R&D infrastructure

EXCO Link Program

Local government, national corporation and national services purchase consultation meeting :
Invitation and consultation of officials in charge of water treatment and sewage treatment
Presentation of new products and technologies :
Invite and announce the officials in charge of ordering water facilities
G2B, B2B Call Desk :
Invitation of relevant government support project personnel regarding public procurement of water industry and 1:1 consultation
Water partners square :
Invite overseas buyers to discuss exports and support business networking

※ Some changes may be made depending on the circumstances of the organizer.

KIWW 2019 Previous Outcome

KIWW 2019 EXPO took a role in promoting new opportunities for business and industry cooperation for their future projects and contribution to the global water community.

This year, total 65 exhibitors (192 booths) from public-private sectors categorized by sub industrial sectors such as operation, manufacture, construction, R&D, Education, Policy fields, not just by showing off their tech-savy products and technologies, but also by exchanging recent information on R&D projects and outcomes.

EXPO established ties with 15 speakers of the Water Business Forum, more than 210 business matching and consulting partners, and 15 tech-companies of the Technology Demonstration.

EXPO also collected and harmonized market trends, investment and potential partnership opportunities has been evolving into the right place encompassing and growing water technology

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