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  • To build a consensus and lead the specified global water agenda
  • To share best practices of the host countries on the identified primary water agdenda in contribution to the SDGs
  • To make recommendation and deliver to the 9th World Water Forum and beyond to act on implementation on the identified primary water agenda discussed in the WWP


The high-level key actors of WWF
(Water related governments and key high-level participants from the WWF host countries, organizations and relevant partners)

Short Description

Date& time December 10(Thu) 20:00~22:00 KST (GMT+9)
Venue Virtual platform
Host Ministry of Environment
Organizer Korea Water Forum, World Water Council
    As the representative follow-up action of the 7th World Water Forum(WWF) in 2015, the WWP is the annual cooperative gathering organized by the Korea Water Forum (KWF), which brings together water-related governments, key high-level participants from the WWF host countries, organizations and relevant partners. All participants have shared their accumulated experiences and practical cases on water-related agendas and discussed their roles to contribute to the global water community.

KIWW2019 Previous Outcome

The participants from the previous and the next host countries of the World Water Forum including Morocco, Japan, Turkey, France, Rep. of Korea, Brazil, Senegal along with the World Water Council strived for building a consensus on deriving the best ways of contributing to the global water community through the World Water Forum process. All high-level participants discussed the pragmatic path to make a contribution based on accumulated know-hows and lessons and learnt from the previous World Water Forum to the next World Water Forum in Dakar, which will be boiled down to working with focal points of each of the host countries who have participated in the World Water Partnership 2019. In addition, Korea Water Forum, the secretariat of KIWW, and the co-host of the Forum, the World Water Council will jointly take a role as a coordinator for this process in order to strengthen the partnership and draw the results out of the discussion between the host countries.

The future direction of World Water Partnership will be more specified through discussion with the World Water Council and WWP 2019 participants after sharing of the result and collecting additional opinions until the next World Water Partnership in 2020.