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In order to lead implementation based on developed policies and technologies, TIP Platform (Total 15 sessions) will serve as an arena/ means/ media to

  • • Share appropriate and innovative technologies and policies to implement solutions to challenges
  • • Share best practices and cases for further application of solutions
  • • Bridge developed and developing countries by exchanging their technologies and policies

TIP Platform focuses on a number of areas where science and technology provides a major opportunity to innovate water resources management and environmental security, simultaneously, where the development of relevant policy offers socio-economic opportunities and supports the process of technological application and its development. A number of areas have been carefully selected and are described below.


Current and future water solutions are highly dependent on the use of scientific research, new technologies and innovation processes. The challenges for water resources management are complex, which include rapid urbanization, population growth, climate change, industrialization, a surge of energy demand, disaster impacts, water-energy-food nexus, and massive pollution of water, soil and air. Many of them form the basis for the discussions of the global community around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the whole process, the policy-making process and development considering science and technologies became more important and the linkage between two pillars, technology and policy, will be the key to making implementation possible for all actors. Science and technology and its ties with policy making do not appear to tackle all the mounting challenges in the water sector. These circumstances signify the urgency for a ground-breaking and brand-new commitment from the perspectives of technology and policy simultaneously so as to make good practices.

To properly address the above challenges, we need to focus on and invest in the processes of innovation in the water (and related) sectors as follows: Firstly, it is to create a better understanding on how innovation and application of technologies in the water sectors works and how it can contribute to profound changes at scale. Secondly, it requires renewing political will from key decision makers in both the public and private sectors to invest in water innovations, from fundamental research, to piloting new technologies, to wide scale applications. Finally, it also requires the mobilization of an entrepreneurial spirit which not only provides practical solutions for problem owners but also helps make technologies useful for industries.


The objective of TIP platform is to promote global discussion on practical solutions for water challenges at various scales. The platform will be designed to provide practical and innovative guidelines to those who seek for practical know-hows and lessons learned from successful implementation of water policies. It also aims to provide market places with emerging science and technologies and engineering services for active engagement in global water issues. The activities of TIP platform in KIWW will develop a robust network for international cooperation in water sectors and provide practical advice for further projects and future collaborative works.


TIP Platform seeks to be based upon three core keywords, technology, implementation, and policy.

  • Technology in Feasibility study, Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Treatment, Restoration, ICT including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, etc.

  • Policy linked with technologies and implementation promoting efficiency, sustainability, partnership, governance, green economy, culture, and environment

  • Implementation by sharing best practices, strategies, and processes based on well-defined policies and both appropriate and developed technologies

TIP Main Focus Areas

Session proposal

Proposals should be text only and follow the template, and be submitted via e-mail (tip_kiww@koreawaterforum.org) by 22 September 2023. The Session may have keynote speeches, presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, talk shows, group work and posters.

For further information about the TIP Platform and application, please refer to the TIP Platform Concept note and session proposal guideline and information.

Outcomes of TIP Platform

Outcomes of 2022     Outcomes of 2019     Outcomes of 2018     Outcomes of 2017

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