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Pursuing effective and strategic water cooperation, the conference will go through 5 Thematic sessions and 2 General Discussions those for integrating the debate result and developing a representative water agenda of Rep. of Korea.


Date Early December, 2020(TBD)
Location Seoul
Host Ministry of Environment
Organizer Korea Water Forum
Participant Junior Professional or above in International Cooperation at the water-related organizations
Contents Thematic sessions(5-6 ppl), General discussions(50-60 ppl) for integrating debate result
Date A.M. P.M.
10:00∼ 11:00∼ 12:00∼ 13:00∼ 14:00∼ 15:00∼ 16:00∼ 17:00∼ 18:00∼
TBD General
LUNCH Thematic Session(1) BREAK General
Thematic Session(2)
Thematic Session(3)
Thematic Session(4)
Thematic Session(5)

Planning Process of Developing Agenda

STEP 1 Discussing with experts (definition and purpose of agenda, method and period of use it)
STEP 2 Analyzing main agenda by focused area (during conference)
STEP 3 Setting a draft of primary agenda through analysis of various aspects
STEP 4 Screening by experts, Producing a report toward global water agenda