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Korea Water Forum Institutional Membership and Sponsorship
Korea Water Forum (KWF) is a non-profit organization established in 2005 aims to provide a platform to address global water issues and raise awareness on water-related technologies and policies by bridging relevant water stakeholders around the globe. The KWF membership and sponsorship enforces stakeholder involvement and provide solid knowledge share platform on water issues. We invite you to apply to become a KWF member and sponsor and receive first-hand information embracing the expertise of government, business, private and public sector. Membership and Sponsorship also grants you the opportunity to engage with the network of pro-active players in the realm of water sector.

In addition, KWF hosts the Korea International Water Week (KIWW), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Daegu Metropolitan City, and K-water. As a global platform for the multi-stakeholders, KWF will also provide the sponsor opportunities for KIWW enable to play a leading role in this annual gathering with impact. If you join both member and sponsor opportunities, KWF will offer the special rate and additional benefits.

We are look forward to joining you as a member and sponsor of KWF.

KWF Membership Classification and Benefits

Rules & Regulations

Joining for Domestic and International Companies & Organizations in the water sector
Providing differentiated benefits based on member class
Providing special rates for the sponsor opportunities of KIWW and additional benefits

Benefits by grade for KWF organization member

Grade Amount of Sponsorship Additional Benefits
Special member
(including ex-officio directors and companies)
₩20,000,000 and above
Platinum Benefits of KIWW Sponsor
*No additional cost
Member A ₩10,000,000 and above
Same benefits with 25% special rate of KIWW Sponsor
Member B ₩5,000,000 and above
Same benefits with 50% special rate of KIWW Sponsor
Member C ₩2,000,000 and above
Partial benefits of KIWW Sponsor

KWF Sponsor Benefits

Benefits Special member
Member A
Member B
Member C
News Letter
Information & Network Sharing
Priority to participation to Water Business Forum (WBF)
Support registration fee of international event in conjunction with WBF 6 person/per event 3 person/per event 2 person/per event A person/per event
Ad on KWF official website and SNS
Insert logo on promotion materials(program book, directory book) Cover or Preceding pages On the preceding pages Inside pages
Promotion in the international events(PR , including logos) Preferred consideration Preferred consideration Offer opportunities Offer opportunities
Exposure of sponsor logo and link Main page Main page Extra page
Invite to annual events
(ex. Policy debate etc.)
At all times At all times
Advertise promotional video on Official website and SNS
(20 seconds)
To distribute promote materials at the annual events (General Assembly, Board Meeting etc.)
Networking opportunity with Potential Clients Twice a year Once a year
Special contribution
(KWF Newsletter, Magazines)
Twice Once

KIWW General Sponsorship Classification and Benefits


For domestic & foreign water related organizations and companies
Providing differentiated benefits based on member class
Providing in kind benefits

KIWW General Sponsorship Classification

Grade Platinum Gold Silver
Amount of sponsorship Over ₩20,000,000 ($20,000) Over ₩10,000,000 ($10,000) Over ₩5,000,000 ($5,000)

※ Sponsors operate separately by programs
  (Opening ceremony, Welcome dinner, luncheon, Water Business Forum, Leader’s Round Table)
※ The number of sponsors is limited by grade

Benefits by grade of KIWW General Sponsorship

Over ₩20,000,000 Over ₩10,000,000 Over ₩5,000,000
To provide exhibition booth 2 booths 1 booth Half-off
To prioritize participation opportunities (Water Business Forum, T.I.P, Water Education, Water-Culture Citizens’ Forum) Twice Once
To provide participation opportunities of hi-level events (Water Leader’s Round Table) 1 person 1 person
Free Registration 6 people 3 people 1 people
Invite official lunches and dinners 4 people 2 people 1 people
To provide participation opportunities of VIP grade (VIP seats, VIP souvenir) 2 people 1 people
Preferential allocation of H/T at official lunches and dinners
To distribute promotional materials at venue
Advertise on KIWW program book Inside Main part of inside
Video screening *Limited to 5 companies per program Before the official event
(Twice, within 20sec.)
Before the main event
(Twice, within 20sec.)

KIWW Individual Sponsorship and Benefits


To provide benefits to individual sponsors that correspond to a minimum sponsorship amount
※ Please contact us for sponsorship of each programs.

Special Benefits for KIWW Individual Sponsorship

Contents Amount of Sponsorship Special Benefits
F&B VIP F&B At least ₩3,000,000 Reception of official luncheon (once)
Coffee Break At least ₩1,500,000 Participants coffee break (5 times)
Promotion Video ₩5,000,000 Video screening before official event (20sec.)
₩3,000,000 Video screening at KIWW venue (20sec.)
Program Book ₩3,000,000 Back cover
₩2,000,000 One page on the front cover or the back cover
₩1,000,000 One page on inside
Other Promotional Materials Can be negotiated Insert sponsor’s promotional materials on KIT
Existing Goods Provide Souvenir Can be negotiated To provide goods in kind (participants souvenir etc.)
Others Individual PR Sponsorship Can be negotiated Offer participant amenities and other things