• Date December 6(Wed)-8(Fri), 2023 / 10:00-17:00 (10:00-16:00 on Dec 8)
  • Location EXCO, West Wing Hall 2 (1F)
  • Exhibition Scale 80 companies, 200 booths
  • Exhibition Items Water supply - facility & equipment, service
    Sewage and wastewater treatment, effluent discharge - facility & equipment, service
    Water and wastewater treatment facility - engineering service
    Water facility and service for industrial needs
  • Featured Programs for Exhibitors KIWW G2B Business Consultation (domestic)
       - Business meeting between governmental agencies and exhibitors
    Tech-in-Water (tech demonstration)
       - Exhibitors' presentations on their products and services to water related agencies
    Other G2B, B2B 1:1 Business Matching programs
       - Networking and partnership programs with water related organizations
    Water Partner Square
       - 1:1 business meeting with foreign buyers
    ※ The schedule may be changed depending on the circumstances of the host organization
  • Hosts
  • Organizer

Application Instructions

Application Deadline

Application may not be processed and it will be informed to the applicants when the exhibition spaces are all reserved.

Booth Type and Price

Raw Space Only Installation
Shell Scheme Premium Booth
Local 1,600,000원 400,000원 600,000원
International USD 1,250 USD 350 USD 550

Application Process

  • Submit online application form at
  • Receive invoice from the EXPO Secretariat
  • Make the payment of 50% of deposit within the due date
  • Apply for utilities and pay the remaining balance by Nov. 3(Fri), 2023

※ Based on the submission date, quantity of booth(s), and exhibition category, the organizer will allocate the exhibition space(s) accordingly.

Early Bird Discount

1st 2nd Re-participation
Saving Amount 15% 10% Additional 5% off
Application Due September 22(Fri), 2023 October 20(Fri), 2023 -

※ Early bird discount would be combined with the re-participation discount.

※ Above discount is only applicable to the booth price.

Payment Process

Amount Payment Due
Deposit (50%) within 5 days of invoice issued
Balance (50%) November 3(Fri), 2023

Booth Specifications

Raw Space Shell Scheme Premium
- Provide exhibition floor space(9㎡(3m×3m)) only
- NOT include any prefabricated wall installations, furniture, carpet, electricity or any other technical supplies and facilities
Comprise following:
9㎡(3m×3m)/2.4m(H), back & side walls, fairontex carpet floor, 1 company signage, 1 booth number signage, lightings (3 spot lights), 1 set of table & chair, power supply(1 Kw), electric outlet(2 plug)
Comprise following:
9㎡(3m×3m)/3.0m(H), back & side walls, fairontex carpet floor, 1 company signage, 1 booth number signage, lightings(4 fluorescent lamps, 6 spot lights), 1 set of table & chair, power supply(1 Kw), 1 Consultation Table & 3 Chairs, electric outlet(4 plug)

※ The image above may be different from the actual image.

※ The booth will also be displayed online automatically at no additional charge at (https://waterexpo.kiww.org/).