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: KIWW Secretariat : 2022년 11월 11일 (금), 오후 2:15

KIWW 2022 Welcome Greeting


Korea International Water Week 2022

Sustainable Water Management for Humans and Nature

- Fostering Water Environment Resilient to Climate Crisis

Welcome to Korea International Water Week(KIWW) 2022.

KIWW took off in 2016 by virtue of global watercommunity’s supports and contribution. Since then, KIWW has been serving as a networking platform among key stakeholder in the public and private sectors (heads of delegation of governments, agencies, corporations, civil society, international organizations, citizens and corporations) for sharing experiences and knowledge. Under the overarching theme ‘Water Partnership for Sustainable Development’, KIWW 2016 started to provide an opportunity for different stakeholders in continuing and developing achievements of the 7th World Water Forum.

This year, KIWW 2022 will continue focusing in designing concrete and feasible implementation of solutions with the one year new theme ‘Fostering Water Environment Resilient to Climate Crisis’, under the three year overarching theme ‘Sustainable Water Management for Humans and Nature’. In addition to that, KIWW 2022 will take the initiative to boost public awareness on the importance of sustainable development goals, with the purpose of providing leadership in the optimization of various water uses and the prevention of water-related disasters caused by severe droughts and land-slide floods occurring more frequently than ever in the era of climate change.

KIWW 2022 will provide better contents of the programs based on our highest priority focusing on these four pillars;

Global Leadership for SDGs, Implementation of Solutions, Socio-economic Value Creation, and Knowledge Sharing/Capacity Building. Signature programs such as Water Leaders’ Round Table (WLRT), World Water Cities Forum 2022, World Water Partnership (WWP), World Water Challenge (WWCH) 2022, TIP Platform, Water Culture and Citizen Forum and other various distinguished programs will offer you a chance to exchange experiences and knowledge with many water leaders and discuss strategies regarding global water- related challenges.

We look forward to having you at the KIWW 2022, from November 23rd to 26th, with safer environment and a place of incredible connection that ideas and exchange is being created.


Korea International Water Week 2022

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